Executive Agent.


Doing Business in Her Own Backyard - by Shannon Hartose

Lana Speer, a fifth generation native Californian, has roots that run deep. After coming across an article from the Canoga Park Herald, dated December 1949, she learned that her great grandfather, James Madison Carter, served as Mayor of Hawthorne from 1922 to 1928. He was also one of the first Presidents of the Board of Trustees and largely responsible for the purchase of the city’s water system. In addition, Madison was also Superintendent of construction on the Potter Hotel in Santa Barbara, later known as the Ambassador Hotel.

As an Account Executive for Ticor Title, she believes that offering her clients superior customer service is key to her success making her a top producer in the South Bay. The rest is reliability, stability and her knowledge of the area. “In this business, keeping your word is gold and follow-through is very important. I reach out to my clients by listening to their needs and offering solutions and overcoming challenges.” When it’s all said and done, her clients know they can count on her to get the job done.

She began her career, for a brief time, as a real estate agent then going into home warranty sales, ultimately following a path to title insurance working with lenders, residential Realtors® and commercial brokers. Her 25-plus years in the title industry and philosophy of customer service have made her a top producer. “I use my knowledge and experience to make sure things get done right and escrows close for my clients.”

Now, she says, working with Ticor Title gives her a greater opportunity to better serve her clients. “This company is really like family. It’s responsive to the needs of the client, but it’s also a team. This is a great place to be, both in terms of service and technology they employ to help me and my clients.”
“Real estate is a challenging business and title is no different. I understand the needs of my clients and I’m there every step of the way through their transactions.”

And in her spare time, Lana likes to keep on challenging herself to do bigger and greater things. Whether it’s earning her Certificate of Achievement and racing a NASCAR at California Speedway in Fontana, or earning a Drag Racing School Certificate through her instructor, “Fast Jack Beckman,” and driving a NHRA dragster at Pomona, she loves a good challenge. In her spare time, she also enjoys improving her golf game.

“I’ve never met an objection I couldn’t overcome, or a challenge I couldn’t meet,” she says. “There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes in title, and my clients don’t need the hassle – that’s my job.” You can be sure it’s one she’ll do well for years to come.

Lana Speer
Vice President